Combining the Kong Charts

2023-03-23 7:31

The Goal

  • All Kong Applications in ArgoCD should use the same source directory and chart
  • The values files in the combined Kong directory should configure the type of Kong deployment
  • The standalone Redis app should be moved into the Kong directory as a dependency

Here is the commit for these changes.


After deploying Kong Hybrid and KIC for Konnect, I ended up with three separate directories that could be combined into one: konnect-kic-dps, konnect-kic-controller, and konnect-kong.

Redis was contained in its own directory and deployed as a separate ArgoCD app as well.

Combining Kong Charts

The KIC deploys both used the same version of the Kong chart, which is a new release candidate. The konnect-kong deploy used an older version.

Therefore, the first thing I did was rename one of the KIC directories and charts, from konnect-kic-dps to the generic konnect-kong-proxies. This directory will serve as the basis for the generic Kong chart.

To deploy three different applications from the single directory, I then needed to bring the values files over from the konnect-kong and konnnect-kic-controller directories, as well as rename the values.yaml in the newly renamed konnect-kong-proxies to indicate it is for the KIC dataplane deploy:

konnect-kong/values.yaml → konnect-kong-proxies/values-hybrid-dps.yaml
konnect-kic-controller/values.yaml → ...t-kong-proxies/values-kic-controller.yaml
konnect-kic-dps/values.yaml → konnect-kong-proxies/values-kic-dps.yaml

Last, each of the Argo applications needed to be updated with a new path and values filename, for example, these changed were applied to the Konnect KIC Controller deployment:

    project: default
-     path: konnect-kic-controller/
+     path: konnect-kong-proxies/
      repoURL: ''
      targetRevision: HEAD
-       - values.yaml
+       - values-kic-controller.yaml
      namespace: konnect-kic
      name: in-cluster

Moving Redis to a Deployment Dependency

Since my Redis deployment source was already in the form of a 'wrapper' chart, this was an easy switch.

First, I moved the dependency in the redis/Chart.yaml to the konnect-kong-proxies/Chart.yaml dependencies

    - name: kong
      version: 2.17.0-rc.4
+   - name: redis
+     version: 17.7.5
+     repository:
+     condition: dependencies.redis.enabled

I want the redis clusters to be supporting the dataplanes, so I moved the redis block of values from redis/values.yaml and applied them to both the values-hybrid-dps.yaml and values-kic-dps.yaml. I also enabled the dependency explicitly in the values files.

Example additions:

+ dependencies:
+   redis:
+     enabled: true

  ... # kong chart config follows
+ redis:
+   architecture: standalone
+   auth:
+     passwordSecret: "redis-password"
+   resources:
+     requests:
+       memory: "64Mi"
+       cpu: "50m"
+     limits:
+       memory: "128Mi"
+       cpu: "100m"

At this point I was able to delete the entire redis directory and the standalone application definition at argocd/apps/redis.yaml.

Wrapping Up

Once the commit was checked in, I 'deployed' in the following order:

  • Synced the konnect-kong-hybrid-dps application. It synced and added its Redis dependency but otherwise had no changes, which was expected.
  • Synced the konnect-kic-dps application. It too added its redis dependency and then had no other changes.
  • Synced the konnect-kic-controller application. It worked as expected in that it had no actual new or updated resources.
  • Deleted the Redis application
  • Updated the Redis hostname (due to namespace change) and authentication token (due to the new redis applications generating their own new tokens) for Rate Limiting Advanced and ACME plugins for the konnect-kong-hybrid-dps aka deployment

Next Steps

  • Automate DNS management with ExternalDNS
  • Automate secret management with ExternalSecrets
  • Automate cluster setup with Terraform

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